New Cairo, Egypt

Madinaty city

A City with of an International Standards in Egypt

Madinaty’s well-designed and detailed master plan was the result of a collaborative effort between three top U.S. design firms: HHCP, SWA, and SASKI. The outcome has been an international standards modern city spanning over an area of 8000 feddans, providing a contemporary lifestyle for 700k inhabitants in 120k housing units.

Standing out as the beacon of modern cities, symbolized by our majestically imposing main gate with a breath taking centrally located fountain and cascading waterfalls, makes Madinaty a piece of art and the customer's number one choice.

Madinaty a True Sense of Life Integration

Madinaty offers its residents the ultimate experience of a simple and stress-free life, fulfilling all of their needs within the city's borders, including educational, social, medical, business, leisure, sports, shopping, and entertainment facilities.

Partnering with Huawei Technologies, Madinaty applies major services that provide digital experience to the residents, such as rapid communication, convenient payment methods for services, public Wi-Fi, and high-speed internet.

As a sustainable city that prioritizes the environment, Madinaty incorporates solar energy in many areas using solar panels; in addition to applying advanced security, irrigation, lighting, and parking systems, waste management control, and a water desalination network to reduce pollution and generate clean, renewable energy.

A City of International Standards

Sustainable Green City

Integrated Services

Wide range of Residential Products

MADINATY, location


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