About Talaat Moustafa Group

Talaat Moustafa Group (TMG), a leading conglomerate with a special emphasis on real estate development, and an outstanding track record of creating large, vibrant, and diverse communities and hospitality developments, providing high-quality experiences accompanied by superb amenities, with over 50 Years of experience. TMG stands today as an industry giant that presents world-class developments across all real estate asset classes.

Driven by a sharp vision and a unique philosophy, TMG has shaped the urban landscape by developing insignificant, self-sustained cities & communities, and an array of residential, commercial, and hospitality projects nationwide. TMG excels at creating a unique template for community living and is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of standards while continually striving to lead a new future-proof way of life with people at its core.

TMG’s portfolio is filled with a plethora of noteworthy projects, being the developer of “Al Rehab city” in New Cairo; which represented a revolution in the outskirts living concept, followed by the flagship mega-project “Madinaty”, developed over 8000 feddans to introduce a new approach of life integration with international standards, and the unique project in the heart of the new capital “Celia”.

In addition to its leadership in introducing the concept of gated compounds to the Egyptian real estate market during the 90s era, embodied in “Al Rabwa” Compound in Al Sheikh Zayed City, and “May Fair” Compound in Al Sherouq City.

All along with its recent development “Noor” in Capital Gardens; the 5000 feddans smart city that is developed to represent a new leap to the future.

TMG is an unparalleled contributor in the tourism investment progression, by introducing the world-renowned Four Seasons brand, to manage three of its operating developments; Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh Resort, Four Seasons Nile Plaza - Cairo, Four Seasons San Stefano - Alexandria along with the latest hospitality developments Four Seasons Cairo Capital at Madinaty, and Four Seasons – Luxor, in addition to owning the luxurious boutique hotel; Kempinski Nile Hotel.

TMG is at the forefront of Egyptian companies taking an ethical responsibility toward environmental sustainability and a green economy through addressing the needs of an expanding real estate sector providing sustainable and eco-friendly communities while extending the scope of development beyond residential buildings or hotel amenities to cover all aspects of life.




Eng. Talaat Moustafa and his three sons initiate their construction venture in Egypt. The foundation is laid on values of quality, prompt delivery, and attention to detail, which contribute to the company's rapid rise in the construction field.

The Beginning


TMG leads in the real estate sector, aiming to create large-scale developments that enhance Egyptians' quality of life as part of the government's housing program to eliminate shortages.

A Vision is Born


TMG builds "Al Rawda Al Khadra," a pioneering summer compound, and the unique "Virginia Beach" resort in North Coast. They introduce gated compounds through Al Rabwa and Mayfair, reshaping the Egyptian real estate market.

Expanding Horizons
Al Rawda El Khadra


TMG turns vision into reality by creating the self-sustained community "Al Rehab" city in New Cairo, accommodating 300,000 residents across 10 million sqm with comprehensive services.

Transforming Deserts
into Life: Al Rehab City


Talaat Moustafa Group officially becomes a conglomerate with 21 companies under its umbrella.

Growing into a Group


TMG partners with "The Four Seasons," transforming Egypt's hospitality landscape with Four Seasons Nile Plaza, Sharm Al Sheikh Resort, San Stefano - Alexandria, and Kempinski Nile Hotel.

Egyptian Hospitality


TMG introduces the concept of modern sustained communities with Madinaty, the largest real estate project in the Middle East, spanning 33.6 million sqm.

Redefining Communities


TMG launches Celia in the New Capital and introduces the exclusive gated community "Privado" in Madinaty. The luxury project "Four Seasons New Cairo Capital" opens its doors.

Expanding Projects
Celia & Privado


TMG breaks ground for Noor in Capital Gardens, a smart-green city across 5,000 acres in front of the New Administrative Capital.

Pioneering the Future
Noor Smart City


Continuing its success, TMG expands into new markets, embracing community real estate development and luxury hospitality projects. Plans include hotels and resorts in Marsa Alam, Luxor, and more.

New Horizons


TMG is committed to create a distinctive lifestyle for modern communities and tourism destinations in Egypt and overseas, providing employees with opportunities to contribute to the development and success of our communities.


TMG aspires to become the customers first choice in the real-estate and tourism industries nationally and globally, providing our clients a great quality of life. While maintaining a long-term relation with our shareholders believing that they are our partners of success, providing them a rapid investments growth.