Letter From The CEO


There is no doubt that the nature of the challenges faced by the Group today is different from the nature of those challenges that existed many years ago with respect to the size of development achieved and so many other variables. For this purpose, we have identified several strategic axes for our work in an integrated manner seeking to achieve our goals as one of the largest national integrated private business enterprises. These axes can be summarized as follows:

- Continuous development and modernization in the fields of operation of the integrated services provided by us to tens of thousands of residents of our projects in line with the latest scientific and technical applications in this regard.

- Strengthening the administrative and organizational structure of the Group by recruiting distinguished calibers to cope with the rapid development in management sciences and modern technologies.

- Striving to develop untraditional financing, financial and marketing methods to meet the needs of the targeted segment in our community.

- Working to the aim of increasing the portfolio of lots owned by the Group for the establishment of integrated residential and tourism projects to ensure achieving regular revenues and maintaining the steady growth rates of the Group.

In this regard, I would like to point out that the real estate development industry has never been aimed at building residential or commercial units, but rather aimed at upgrading the communities and environment required for living, work and all community services, which will ultimately lead to improving the life style for individuals by providing them with a suitable environment for work and production.

For this reason, we are keen to provide all the needs of the present and future in the cities and communities developed and managed by TMG to last for long periods for the benefit of the future generations. Finally, I would like to stress that we are doing our best to maintain and continuously enhance our achievements to reach the satisfaction of all our partners in success.

Hisham Talaat Moustafa
CEO & Managing Director